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Brilliant, you're holding an event.....  You probably have loads of questions about this sort of music and feeling a little bit reticent about picking up the phone because some of the questions you want to ask you may think sound a bit silly or you might just be feeling a bit shy....  This page is here to provide the answers to some of those question!

But I can't dance.....

A statement rather than a question, I know!  We hear this all the time.  It really doesn't matter.  Nigel the caller introduces the dance and walks the dancers through the dance before the real thing gets underway.  The band members are also always happy to get on the dance floor and help demonstrate.  As long as you know your lefts from your rights, a fun evening will be had by all!

Do I need a barn? 

 NO!   The ideal minimum space is about 10 metre square (33ft) although we can play in smaller areas and it needen't be square.  

Do I need to wear any special clothes?

Absolutely not!  You can wear anything from a wedding dress to jeans and t-shirt, it really doesn't matter.

How much will it cost me?

We will tailor our rates to the event for which we will playing, as not every one wants a band from 7pm 'til midnight.  For private functions, prices start at £200. 

Contact us for a bespoke quote.  


If none of the above answers your questions, let us know and we will provide the answer as quickly as possible.


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